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Katress Hair! In the wild world of Palworld, where collecting, befriending, and sometimes battling Pals takes center stage, resources are key. One such resource, often overlooked but surprisingly amazing, is Katress Hair. This silky loot dropped by the feline-like Katress Pals holds crafting potential and aesthetic appeal for any trainer. Let’s delve into the secrets of Katress Hair, from acquisition to its surprising uses.

Katress Encounters: Where the Hunt Begins

Katress Map

Before you start hunting for these Katress mane, you need to find the source. Katresses are agile and swift, often roaming the Moonless Shore and its nearby regions, specifically at night. Keep an eye out near rocky hills and grassy plains, their sharp claws and piercing eyes marking their presence. Remember, Katresses hurt, so pack strong Pals and prepare for a fight. Taming is an option, but when push comes to shove, ending the fight might be more favorable.


Each defeated Katress has a chance of dropping Katress Hair. Alternatively, consider breeding Katresses, which can be butchered for materials such as Katress Hair afterwards. This is pretty grotesque (and might take more time) but to those who are cold-hearted and indifferent, a solution is a solution.

Crafting or Selling with Katress Hair

So, you’ve amassed a collection of this luxurious hair. What now? The true potential of Katress Hair lies in its crafting applications. Its most notable use is the Katress Cap, a stylish headwear for your Pals. Requiring several hairs, this hat offers decent defense and a unique, feline-inspired flair.

Katress Cap

Not a crafting enthusiast? No worries! The wandering merchants of Palworld offer opportunities to turn your Katress Hair into profit. Due to its selling price, hair demand is consistent, making it a valuable commodity. Sell your excess strands to them, amassing resources for further adventures or acquiring desired items.

The Value of Katress Hair

Katress Hair

Katress Hair, among many items of Palworld, holds hidden potential. But as of now, it only crafts an apparel item mostly for gimmicks and novelties. Although, future patches might do something to this type of unique item, so always have a stock on hand. With a little planning and creativity, you can turn this feline fiber into a valuable asset in your Palworld journey. Good luck, trainers, and for now, may you and your Pals always look paw-sitively fabulous!

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