Where to get Berry, Lettuce, Wheat & Tomato Seeds in Palworld

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Seeds in Palworld

Seeds in Palworld
Hi, adventurers! Are you looking for some seed/s that you want to plant on your base and harvest after it grows? Then this guide is for you.
The seeds in Palworld are one of the many mechanics from various genres that are included into this monster-catching, survival, and crafting game to give players an entirely new experience. By combining the appropriate seeds with the suitable plantation, players can routinely generate food for themselves and their friends in Palworld through farming—Apart from the farming work trait for Pals. While some Pals are adept at watering or harvesting crops, some are better at planting seeds. Collaborate with your friends to build a dream farm here in Palworld!

Kinds of Seeds in Palworld

Palworld currently offers four different kinds of seeds: Berry, Lettuce, Wheat, and Tomato. The locations of these seeds on the game’s map are listed below:

Berry Seeds

Berry Seeds are the initial seeds that you can obtain from the game in the Palworld narrative. This type of seed grows in fields and open habitats that are covered in grasses, herbs, and other non-woody plants. Nevertheless, there is very little possibility of seeds spilling out when harvesting the actual plants. Also, you can check out Gumoss Pals because they also drop this kind of seed when killed.

Lettuce Seeds

Find the Bristle Brush to acquire Lettuce Seeds. The deep woodlands in the central regions are home to it. This kind of seed can be found if you kill Cinnamos Pal. A little reminder, before killing a Pal to farm a seed, check its level so you can take them down safely.

Wheat Seeds

The process for obtaining wheat seeds is the same as that for Lettuce Seeds. Pal drops are only available in exchange for capturing or killing Dinossum and Robinquill.

Tomato Seeds

Tomato Seeds can only be found by finding the Broncherry Pal in the middle of the map. He’s got the look of an enormous green dinosaur. The creatures are uncommon encounters that are originally much beyond the player’s level, making them challenging to defeat.

Kinds of Plantations

This section explains that some plants can only be found on the plantations where they are grown specifically.

Berry Plantation

Available at level 5 of technology. To build, you will need twenty wood, twenty stone, and three Berry Seeds.

Lettuce Plantation

Available at level 38 of technology. To build, you will need three Lettuce Seeds, one hundred wood, seventy stone, and ten Pal Fluids.

Wheat Plantation

Available at level 15 of technology. To build, you will need three Wheat Seeds, thirty-five wood, and thirty-five stone.

Tomato Plantation

Available at level 32 of technology. To build, you will need three Tomato Seeds, seventy wood, fifty stone, and five Pal Fluids.

Summary of Seeds in Palworld

When version was released, the creators reportedly fixed a number of issues, according to Palworld’s official Discord channel. Among the difficulties that have been resolved is Pals’ “malfunctioning illegal intrusion,” which used to frequently lead the critters to malfunction and flee from their workstations.

Some players are having trouble locating the seeds from different plants in Palworld, which are necessary for building amenities and leveling up your base. In this guide, we explained where to look and how to obtain seeds for various plants in Palworld’s open world, including Berries, Lettuce, Wheat, and Tomatoes.

Did you have fun exploring our Seeds in Palworld guide? We hope that you find this information helpful in your end. It is our pleasure to provide you a keen reference in this game. Safe travels, fellow adventurers! Check out “Palworld Resource List” to know more about item variations here in Palworld!

We will have a ton of useful tips on our Palworld Homepage, and you are invited to come ask questions on our Community Discord server.

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