Jetragon Boss Fight Guide

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Jetragon Boss Fight Guide

In the vast and thrilling world of Palworld, adventurers seek the most formidable challenges and the most legendary creatures to conquer. Among these mythical beings stands Jetragon, The Legendary Celestial Dragon. This article serves as your ultimate guide to mastering the epic battle against Jetragon, from preparation to execution.

Jetragon Boss Fight Guide

Jetragon: The Fastest Flying Mount in Palworld

Jetragon isn’t just any legendary creature; it’s the fastest flying mount in Palworld. Its celestial origins make it a force to be reckoned with, residing in the volcanic region as a Level 50 Legendary Pal. Only those daring and skilled enough will prevail in capturing this awe-inspiring creature.

Jetragon: The Fastest Flying Mount in Palworld

The Volcanic Region

Jetragon can be located north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer teleport point. Follow the coordinates -789, -321 to find this legendary beast lurking in the volcanic expanse.

The Volcanic Region

Gearing Up for the Challenge

Level and Equipment Requirements

Level and Equipment Requirements

Before venturing into battle, ensure you are at least Level 30, or the same level as the Legendary Celestial Dragon. Jetragon’s ferocity demands top-tier equipment, from weapons to armor pieces. Craft only the best of the best to stand a chance against its onslaught. Note that you need to equip a Heat Resistant Armor as you will venture in a very hot place.

What Pal Sphere to Use

Success in capturing Jetragon hinges on the quality of your capturing tools. Opt for Legendary or Ultra Spheres exclusively; anything less will prove futile.

What Pal Sphere to Use

What Pals to Use During the Fight

Craft a diverse squad capable of inflicting bonus damage or resisting Jetragon’s attacks. Ice-type Pals like Chillet, Reindrix, and Frostallion are invaluable allies in this epic encounter.

What Pals to Use During the Fight

Engaging in Combat

As the battle commences, Jetragon wastes no time in launching its assault. Its speed and strength necessitate strategic maneuvering and precise timing. Navigate the battlefield wisely, utilizing obstacles for cover while relentlessly chipping away at Jetragon’s health points. Every shot counts in this high-stakes showdown.

Engaging in Combat

Abilities and Attributes

Element Type

Jetragon’s elemental affinity lies within the Dragon category, imbuing it with potent draconic energy.

Jetragon's Element Type

Work Suitability

Jetragon is adept at the following working suitability:

  • Gathering Lv. 3

Aiding players in resource gathering activities.

Jetragon's Work Suitability

Partner Skill

Jetragon’s Partner Skill, “Aerial Missile”, allows players to ride it as a flying mount while unleashing rapid missile barrages upon foes.

Jetragon's Partner Skill

Pal Gear

To craft Jetragon’s Missile Launcher, adventurers will need the following resources:

  • Leather
  • Paldium Fragment
  • Refined Ingot
  • Circuit Board.
Jetragon's Pal gear

Possible Drop

Defeating Jetragon yields valuable materials including:

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Diamond
  • Polymer
  • Pure Quartz.
Jetragon's Possible Drops

Combat Skills

Jetragon boasts a diverse move set, each move packs a punch and requires careful strategizing to evade and counter effectively:

Move Type Power CT
Spirit Fire Fire 45
Fire Ball Fire 150 55
Flare Storm Fire 80 18
Draconic Breath Dragon 70 15
Dragon Burst Dragon 55 10
Dragon Meteor Dragon 150 55
Beam Comet Dragon 140 50
Jetragon's Combat Skills

Weaknesses and Strategies


Jetragon’s Dragon Elemental Type makes it particularly susceptible to Ice element Pals. Leveraging the power of Ice type Pals is crucial for effectively combating Jetragon.

Jetragon's Weakness


To effectively capture or defeat the Jetragon, you must take note of the following strategies that will definitely increase your chances of winning:

  • Building Palbox: With the Power of Friendship, building a Palbox near the The Legendary Celestial Dragon can help you utilize many Pals that can easily chip off Jetragon’s HP.
  • Ice Pal Selection: Prioritize assembling a team of Ice element Pals to maximize your advantage against Jetragon.
  • Elemental Attacks: Utilize Ice-based attacks to exploit Jetragon’s elemental weakness and deal significant damage.
  • Mobility: Maintain mobility during the battle to evade Jetragon’s powerful attacks and capitalize on openings for counterattacks.
  • Collaborative Play: Coordinate with fellow adventurers to execute synergistic strategies and overcome Jetragon’s formidable defenses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I locate Jetragon in Palworld?
A: Jetragon can be found north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer teleport point at coordinates -789, -321.

Q: What level is Jetragon?
A: Jetragon is at Level 50, making it a formidable opponent for adventurers.

Q: What materials are required to craft Jetragon’s Missile Launcher?
A: To craft Jetragon’s Missile Launcher, adventurers will need Leather, Paldium Fragment, Refined Ingot, and Circuit Board.

Q: What is Jetragon’s Partner Skill?
A: Jetragon’s Partner Skill is Aerial Missile, allowing players to ride it as a flying mount and unleash rapid missile barrages.

Q: What are Jetragon’s weaknesses?
A: Jetragon is weak to Ice element Pals due to its Dragon Elemental Type.

Q: What strategies are effective against Jetragon?
A: Effective strategies against Jetragon include leveraging Ice element Pals, utilizing Ice-based attacks, maintaining mobility, and coordinating collaborative play.

Armed with this comprehensive guide, you’re ready to embark on an epic adventure and emerge victorious in your encounter with Jetragon, the legendary Dragon Element Pal. Remember to strategize wisely, leverage Jetragon’s weaknesses, and collaborate with fellow adventurers for an unforgettable battle experience.


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