What is The Finals? – An Introduction to the Finals

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Welcome to our introduction of what is THE FINALS. The next major arena-based battle royale has arrived, as players compete in groups of three to obtain the greatest amount of money within the allotted time. Come play the popular free-to-play combat game show THE FINALS! Fight with your allies in virtual arenas that you can customize, use to your advantage, and even demolish. In this first-person shooter, customize your playstyle to win more difficult competitions and long-lasting notoriety.



The announcement you’ve been waiting for, fans at home: THE FINALS is now admitting new competitors, which includes YOU! Yes, the world may soon witness YOU destroying our newest, most exciting stadiums and achieving unending fame!


You are aware that THE FINALS is the best free-to-play fighting game show on the planet! Our competitors connect to our online realm and participate in groups in ever-increasing competitions. users battle it out in our exquisitely produced arenas, which are modeled after actual places that users are free to modify, take advantage of, and even demolish. Character 1 You can aim and shoot, of course, but competitors who add our carefully selected virtual settings to their toolkits stand a better chance of moving forward, so go all out to win! Destroy arenas completely! Launch wrecking balls towards your rivals! Pull down structures, not only triggers!


THE FINALS is all about spectacle, so as you battle for global recognition and the backing of our sophisticated and fashionable sponsors, excite your fans with exciting combat and your own style.


Play Your Way: THE FINALS gives YOU the freedom to decide whether to use explosives to blow an entire building apart or to stealthily approach opposing teams brandishing katanas! You’ll have everything you need to customize your playstyle, including a vast assortment of weapons and gadgets, a variety of talents across body types, and more!

Character 2 The World Is Your Weapon (And Enemy): An experienced competitor may charge in with all weapons blazing, but that’s only the beginning of what you can do to your enemies with environmental damage as your weaponry! Not just you, but anyone can use, modify, or destroy any of our arenas.

Are you prepared for your close-up as a rising star? You better look your best since being the star of THE FINALS means that everyone will be watching you! Create a distinctive avatar with the aid of our kind sponsors and amazing modification choices to get admirers and recognition! Running Contestants BECOME WELL-KNOWN

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Enormous devastation, unmatched arenas, and countless tactical opportunities await; claim them for yourself, and the doors to renown will fly open.

Since your rivals will have the same opportunities, it will be up to you to stand out and be more cunning. Do you feel up to the task? Could you be the next big thing in sports? Rock & Roll Sign Nothing can get in your way in this intense, fast-paced competition for notoriety on the biggest stage in the world, smash through ceilings and walls, demolish everything that catches your eye, and construct bridges and barricades.

Could you make it to THE FINALS? Running Contestants V2 I hope you found this introduction to THE FINALS useful! We’re super excited about the upcoming months around The Finals, so please keep an eye out on our website for news, guides and builds! 


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