What can you buy in The Finals Store?

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Gamers, I have good news for you! Come play the popular free-to-play combat game show THE FINALS! Fight with your allies in virtual arenas that you can customize, use to your advantage, and even demolish. In this first-person shooter, customize your playstyle to win more difficult competitions and long-lasting notoriety.

This time, we will talk about what are the things that you can buy inside THE FINALS store. The Store is always openand you can choose from a constantly evolving array of content to help your contestants stand out in the ring. Now, let us see what stuff they can offer.

Embark Studios is the developer and publisher of the action-packed, free-to-play first-person shooter, The Finals. It is the newest game circulating in the gaming world, and a month after its launch, it has amassed a whopping 10 million players.

The creators wasted no time in taking advantage of this enormous spike in demand and released a battle pass for the first season as well as a weekly store full of skins, goods, and bundles. Every week, the Finals Store rotates all of its cosmetics, so every player who visits is treated to something new and exciting. This is what The Finals Store has available for purchase this week, 3rd to 10th of January 2024.

Personal Expression Via The Finals Store

They have fresh approaches to expressing yourself in the arena! For example, watches, emoticons, gestures, pets, sounds, and animations for reloading and inspecting your gun. All players can enjoy an array of skins, equipment, and bundles in The Finals, which can be acquired via the battle pass or the in-game store. One of the greatest locations to buy cosmetics is the Finals Store, which changes every week to give players new merchandise. This is what The Finals Store has in store for everyone from January 3rd to January 10th, this week.

The Finals Store Weekly Rotation

Every week, Embark updates the store inside The Finals with new skins, bundles, and other things to take the place of the outdated ones. This week’s offerings include a high-tier solo collective, weapon collections, complete sets, and a few holiday freebies. This week, the Finals Store will be open from January 3, 2024, to January 10, 2024.

Holtow Fine Print  (850 Multibucks)

Legendary Item

  1. Holtow Fine Print (M11 Skin)

Rare Item

  1. Holtow Quote (Sticker)

Snowflake Pointe  (1600 Multibucks)

Legendary Items

  1. Tutu (Upper Body)

Epic Items

  1. Pointe Shoes (Feet)
  2. Tiara (Headwear)
  3. Finger Tape (Hands)
  4. Choreo Visage (Facewear)
  5. Virtuoso’s Grace (Weapon Charm)

Rare Item

  1. Grand Entrance (Emote)

Common Item

  1. En Pointe (Spray)

Urban Operative Set  (2200 Multibucks)

Legendary Items

  1. SKILL.E.D. Racer (Headwear)
  2. Totally Unimpressed (Emote)
  3. L.E.Downshift (FCAR Weapon Skin)
  4. L.E. Decal (Sticker)

Epic Items

  1. Lace-Up Kickers (Feet)
  2. Weightlifting Gloves (Hands)
  3. Gun-Runner Pants (Lower Body)
  4. Button-Down Bandolier (Crossbody)
  5. Chillaxin’ (Weapon Charm)

Rare Item

  1. All-Weather Jacket (Upper Body)

Mausoleum Medley (1150 Multibucks)

Epic Items

  1. Catacomb Party (SH1900 Weapon Skin)
  2. Catacomb Party (AKM Weapon Skin)
  3. Catacomb Party (Flamethrower Weapon Skin)
  4. Trippy Trinket (Weapon Charm)

Rare Items

  1. CR.I.P.TIC Tribute (Spray)

Glowy Bones (2200 Multibucks)

Legendary Items

  1. Grin Gleamer (Headwear)
  2. Ghoulish Allure (Weapon Charm)
  3. Glint Tint (F11 Weapon Skin)

Epic Items

  1. Joggers (Lower Body)
  2. Kangaroo Hoodie (Upper Body)
  3. Chunky Wedge Trainers (Feet)
  4. Fingerless Gloves (Hands)
  5. Clever Chronometer (Wrist)
  6. Get Aheadstone (Emote)

Rare Items

  1. Smoldering Sockets (Sticker)

Masked Mogul Set (1600 Multibucks)

Legendary Items

  1. The Geomorph (Headwear)

Epic Items

  1. Business Blazer (Upper Body)
  2. Business Trousers (Lower Body)
  3. Derbies (Feet)
  4. Pure Gold (Spray)
  5. Aureate Aura (Body Paint)
  6. Corporate Spin-Off (Emote)

Call The Clock (800 Multibucks)

Legendary Item

  1. Call The Clock (Watch)

Season 1 Starter Pack (1150 Multibucks)

Legendary Items

  1. Never Evanesce (V9S Weapon Skin)
  2. Never Evanesce (AKM Weapon Skin)
  3. Never Evanesce (M60 Weapon Skin)
  4. 1150 Multibucks (Currency)

Rare Items

  1. Starting Lineup (Sticker)
  2. With Love (Gestures)

How to Buy The Finals Currency?

Players use the virtual money found in each game to make all of their in-game purchases. Players can purchase Multibucks, the one utilized in the Finals, using real money.

Price of Multibucks in The Finals

  • 500 Multibucks – $4.99
  • 1,150 Multibucks – $9.99
  • 2,400 Multibucks – $19.99
  • 6,250 Multibucks – $49.99
  • 13,000 Multibucks – $99.99

The aforementioned skins, goods, and bundles are only available for a span of seven days before being replaced by brand-new makeup on January 10, 2024, at 11:30 PM IST (that is, 11:00 AM PT, 8:00 PM CEST, 9:00 PM GMT, and 3:00 AM KST).

The store typically resets on Wednesdays; depending on your location, this may happen a day early or later. However, this serves as a friendly reminder to return for a brief preview or to monitor The Finals Store rotation each week.

“What can you buy in The Finals Store?” should be helpful, I hope! Please keep a watch on our website for news, tutorials, and builds as we’re really enthusiastic about the next several months leading up to The Finals!

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