The Finals Developers Give Their Players a Much Needed Update

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much needed update

The Finals discord gets some much needed updates from the developers

Hey all, a little update for you on day two:

Good to know:

–You can now see OCE and SA (temporarily called Brazil) servers in the settings menu!

–Console players have cross-play set to off, so enable it to get faster matches!

–We made changes to movement animations, see if it helps!

–Still missing the Closed Beta movement feel: Go to Video Settings and set Field-of-View (FOV) to 90 or higher!

Error codes:
We’re still investigating why some of you are experiencing error codes and bans. We’re in full swing and we hope to alleviate this soon. For now, if you run into an issue, please contact Player Support at

This is only the second day of being live and we are still over the moon with excitement! Thank you all for being here with us, for playing THE FINALS, and for sharing the positive and the negative (so we can get to work)

We’re trying to be as responsive as possible while also working in an agile way in our control room. When you write your issues to player support, it is easier for us to track the problems and triage the most painful ones.

Our first, only, and main goal is to get your in-game experience to feel great! Then we can work on more fun stuff

Hey folks! We see a lot of you are running into TFLA0004 and other similar codes that leave you locked out of gameplay. We are currently (feverishly) investigating the cause of this! If this issue is affecting you, please write to player support at Right now, we’re unsure what is making this happen–which is really frustrating. For that reason, getting a response from support will be slow and offer no resolution YET. But it will help us understand how many of you are running into it. If it has happened, please know we are working hard on a resolution and as soon as we have one, we will get you sorted. Until then, we ask for your patience while we get to the bottom of it.

much needed update

A few quick updates

A few quick updates while we continue to work!

For OCE and SA Console players–
You are right! You cannot select OCE and SA servers, but you CAN play in them. Here is what is happening:

1.Why can’t I select OCE/SA regions?
The UI does not currently allow you to select OCE/SA as your region….YET. We have a fix, we are waiting for approval so we can send it through. You’ll see patch notes when that happens.

2. Why do I keep playing in other regions?
If you are not playing during peak hours, and you have auto-region selected, you will end up in a different region to aid in faster matchmaking. This is a feature, not a bug. Even when we fix the UI, we’ll still recommend you play on auto-region for faster matchmaking experiences.

To ALL Console Players:
Why is it difficult to find a ranked tournament?
Too few console players have unlocked Ranked Tournament mode, so you might have a hard time finding games. For a better chance, make sure cross-play is turned on!

To anyone with an account ban:
We are chasing the false bans. We have fixed some of the issues – please give it a try and restart your client. After that, if you are still banned now and you know that you should not be, write into player support so we can handle your case. Make sure to provide your Embark ID – it’s much faster for us that way.

If you already wrote to player support, sit tight, we are working through the list!

The team is busy and we’re really happy that you are here with us, playing with us, and being patient and kind to each other. We’re aware of the other issues you are facing as well, but this message is already so long that most people won’t get to this part.

Hang in there with us, we have fun things planned. We just need to get over these growing pains.

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