The Finals Developers Address the Movement Concerns

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movement concerns

Movement Concerns

This week The Finals launched after the big reveal at The Game Awards show! However, those 7 million players who enjoyed the Beta have been leaving some feedback that the movement doesn’t feel the same as it did back in the Beta and the Devs have responded!

Dusty from Embark posted this message on their Discord:

To everyone concerned about movement:

We have been investigating your feedback on the feel of the movement from Open Beta to now. It’s been hard to pinpoint because there was no change in the movement system or the movement speed between the two tests. But in our research, we believe we may have found the problem.

We have identified a few things that might be causing everyone to experience the gameplay differently. In the past month, we have made small adjustments to animations, sounds, and settings that, in combination, may be giving the feeling of slower movement — especially in light and medium archetypes. Settings were reset as well, so FOV is defaulted to 71, which can have a huge impact on how the game feels.

We’re working on rebalancing some of the changes. For your part, changing your FOV can be really helpful, and of course – waiting for the next patch so that we can see if things are better or if there is more work to be done. As we have always said, live games take constant iteration. Your feedback is so valuable to us. We want to thank all the kind people here who took the time to explain what they were experiencing nicely, in detail so we could learn more.

Mixed Reviews

With mixed Reviews already coming in on Steam with only 67% of the people voting positively about The Finals, the devs need to move quick to make sure they can keep their audience engaged.

One of the great feelings when playing The Finals was how the movement and gunplay felt in the game and the players are feeling the effect of these changes!


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