Where to Find Wool and Craft Cloth in Palworld: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the vast, monster-filled world of Palworld, survival requires resourcefulness and a little warmth, from wool! Nothing says cozy like a well-crafted cloth outfit (and other necessary tools and buildings that need so), and for that, you’ll need a steady supply of it. This guide will point you in the right direction, whether you’re a seasoned Pal-trainer or just starting your adventure.

Finding Wool in the Wild:

Image of Wool from Palworld

  1. Lamballs: These adorable, fluffy creatures are your primary source of early-game wool. You’ll find them grazing or hopping around the starting area, making them easy prey. Don’t worry, they respawn, so you can ethically harvest their wool without guilt.
  2. Cremis and Melpaca: As you venture further into Palworld, you’ll encounter larger, stronger creatures like Cremis and Melpaca. They also drop it when defeated, and their higher level means a greater yield. Just be prepared for a bit of a scuffle!
  3. Hidden Stashes: Keep your eyes peeled for sparkling blue boxes scattered throughout the world. These “loot boxes” often contain wool alongside other goodies.

Building a Sustainable Wool Farm:


Wool from Ranch


  1. Constructing the Ranch: Once you reach level 5, unlocking the Ranch becomes a game-changer. This building allows you to assign Pals to specific tasks, and guess what? Lamballs, Cremis, and Melpaca can be assigned to “shedding duty”! They’ll generate wool passively within the Ranch’s confines, providing a steady income of this precious resource.
  2. Pals with the Transport Skill: Don’t let wool pile up in the Ranch! Pals with the Transport skill can automatically collect the shed wool and deposit it in storage containers you’ve placed within the Ranch. This keeps your production streamlined and avoids manual labor.

Crafting Cloth Like a Pro:

  1. Unlocking the Recipe: Level up your character to reach level 3, and you’ll unlock the vital recipe for crafting Cloth. Now, all that wool you’ve gathered can be transformed into cozy fabric.
  2. Crafting Stations: Any workbench will do the trick for basic crafting. However, consider building a dedicated Loom for increased efficiency and potentially higher quality cloth production.
  3. Warmth and Beyond: Cloth isn’t just for comfort! It’s also a crucial component in crafting various clothing items, tents, and even furniture. So, keep that wool stockpile growing!


Bonus Tips:

  • Taming Lamballs, Cremis, and Melpaca instead of defeating them allows you to assign them to your team. They can then help gather resources and even fight alongside you!
  • Consider the environment! Different biomes in Palworld might affect the type and quality of wool you obtain from creatures. Experiment and find your favorite source!
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your crafting stations and research new recipes. Advanced cloth types with increased warmth and durability await!

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be a master of wool and cloth in no time, conquering the cold nights and crafting comfortable gear for your Palworld adventures. So go forth, gather, and craft your way to a cozy utopia!

Remember, Palworld is full of surprises and secrets. Keep exploring, experimenting, and most importantly, have fun!

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