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The Shadow Lighthouse is a quest where your memory will put on a test to unlock the treasure hidden in the lighthouse. This guide will walk you through the quest, revealing the story of a adventurer seeking his father last request, finding the location of the lighthouse and opening a treasure chest as rewards for completing the quest.


Starting the Quest: Interact with the Adventurer

Begin your journey outside Deadsville’s teleportation waypoint. You can see a blue marker on the map. Upon going to the marker, you will see an adventurer who is temporarily halted on his own quest. Engage in a conversation with him, which he reveals his intention to stay briefly, illustrating his nomadic philosophy that to remain too long would defy the essence of adventuring.

talk to adventurer

In the dialogue, the adventurer shares a touching narrative of his father’s dying wish—to scatter his ashes by the lighthouse he once guarded. All he knows that is location lies in the south, remembered through his father’s words as “The lighthouse is a beacon of the sea, driving out the darkness.” remember this quote for later progress in the quest.


Journey to the South Island

As the conversation ends, the quest marker pinpoint changes to a location in the southern island, get your vehicle [‘G’ key] and follow the road which leads to a broken bridge. You will need to jump and glide or swim in the sea to get to the island.


Discover the Lighthouse

As you approach the quest marker, you can see a lighthouse. Despite still standing, the state of the building is nearly destroyed, as evidenced by the visible damage from afar. You will need to enter to the lighthouse.

lighthouse outside

Enter the lighthouse

Inside, you will encounter a shadowy figure resembling a lighthouse keeper. He speaks only in fragments of a familiar phrase: “My lighthouse is a beacon on the sea.” After saying this, the shadowy figure is waiting for your response. Remembering the adventurer’s story, you will realize you must complete this phrase to proceed. Entering the wrong phrases does nothing, so you will need to interact again with the shadowy figure until the response is correct.


The correct phrase is “And drive out the darkness and the evil , forever.” after clicking the correct phrase, you can see that the shadow figure saying the treasure now belongs to you. The treasure is located at the back.


This quest in “Once Human” is more than a mere treasure hunt; you need to pay attention to some text or dialogue as this may help you in progressing in the quest. It is a journey into the heart of memory, loss, and resolution. Through the lens of a virtual world, players explore themes of heritage and the eternal quest for meaning.


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