What do Watches do in “The Finals”

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The luxurious wristwatch in “The Finals” has sparked an unexpected conversation within the game’s community. More than just a cosmetic option, its purpose and value ignite passionate debates, leaving many players scratching their heads. Let’s delve deeper into these differing perspectives:

What are these ‘watches’ anyway?

They are in-game cosmetics with its own tab in the store. It doesn’t seem to provide much combat advantage, as it just seems to be a medium to show off your pricey timepiece. For the time being, it seems that this sector of the game is yet to be fully developed, leading to several different opinions from the online community about the said cosmetic.


The Anti-Watch Camp:

    • The first point that people talk about is the cost-to-value of the item. The players find the item overpriced, offering neither gameplay advantages nor clear visual appeal. They question the justification for spending hard-earned credits on an aesthetically underwhelming accessory.
    • They also talked about its visibility (or the lack thereof) of the item whenever wearing select clothes, especially long sleeves. Its small size and tendency to be obscured by clothing make it hard to appreciate during hectic gameplay. The subtle glow of earned credits feels underwhelming and easily missed in the heat of the moment.
    • Cynical players suspect that it exists primarily as a cash grab, offering little in return for their hefty price tag. They see them as a purely cosmetic purchase for players seeking to personalize their characters.

The Watch Defenders:

        •  These players value the watches for their subtle visual flair, appreciating the aesthetic in adding a touch of customization and personality to their character. They enjoy the variety of styles and appreciate the ability to express themselves through this small detail.

        • Its mysterious nature fuels imaginative theories about its deeper connection to the game’s lore. Some speculate it might harbor hidden functions or hold significance within the world of “The Finals.”

Beyond the Discussion

The truth about the watches likely lies somewhere between these opposing viewpoints. They may not offer tangible gameplay advantages, but their value extends beyond mere aesthetics. They contribute to the game’s atmosphere, spark player curiosity, and serve as a subtle reminder of the time pressure inherent in “The Finals.”

Ultimately, the worth of the watch rests in the eye of the beholder. For some, it’s a superfluous decoration, while for others, it’s a symbol of personal expression and community engagement. Regardless of your stance, this cosmetic’s existence undeniably adds a layer of intrigue to “The Finals,” and who knows, it might hold hidden secrets yet to be discovered.

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