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Contracts explained in The Finals intro

In this guide, we’ll cover all the necessary information you need to know about Contracts in The Finals.

The Finals is a free-to-play FPS-Heist game in a 3v3v3 or 3v3v3v3 format. Following the game’s release on December 07, 2023, many players are trying out the new FPS game with its fresh game modes such as cash out, a quickplay mode where you and your team secure cash while also fending other teams from stealing it. Bank it, which requires four teams of three to fight for cash/coins with the teams winning who earn the most coins. Just like in other games, The Finals also has its rewards while playing the game and this comes with Contracts which are essentially daily/weekly missions.

Contracts Explained in The Finals: Where to Find Contracts


Contracts Location

In this section of Contracts explained in The Finals, we need to locate where you’ll find the contracts in the Main Menu. You can find it on the lower-left of the screen as shown in the image.

Daily Contracts

Daily Contracts

Once you enter the Contract section, you will see the Daily Contracts. There is a list of actions to be performed in the aforementioned game modes in order to complete one of the list. This ranges from winning your first game, dealing damage to an opponent using fire or weapons, completing cashouts for your team, etc. These daily contracts will be random and are different every day to give you a variety of experiences. Each daily contract will net you 500 XP per completion except for the first win of the day contract which nets you 4,000 XP. The daily contracts will reset every day at 8:00(UTC+8).

There are also Daily Bonus Contracts which you can achieve by completing daily contracts. Rewards for these bonuses are usually XP which is needed to level up your account. Completing two daily contracts will net you the first daily bonus contract, followed by the second daily bonus by completing four daily contracts, and finally the last daily bonus by completing all daily contracts. Each daily bonus contract will net you 2,000 XP per completion.

Weekly Contracts

Weekly Contracts

In this section of Contracts explained in The Finals, we’ll be looking into the weekly contracts. While daily contracts reset every day, weekly contracts reset every week as the tasks needed to complete these contracts can be lengthy. The tasks involve playing 10 rounds on a specific build, dealing 2,000 damage with grenades, dealing 500 damage with arena carriables(The barrel elements), etc. Each weekly contract will net you 1,000 XP. Weekly contracts will reset every Thursday, at 8:00(UTC+8).

Just like the daily contracts, weekly contracts also contain weekly bonus contracts. Completing two weekly contracts will net you the first weekly bonus contract, followed by the second weekly bonus by completing four weekly contracts, and finally the last weekly bonus by completing all weekly contracts. Each weekly bonus contract will net you 4,000 XP per completion.


Cashout Bank

It has become the norm in online games to have some daily/weekly missions in their games. This will keep players engaged and earn rewards by just playing the game. Not to mention that The Finals also has a Battle Pass which uses XP as its main source of progression. Using daily and weekly contracts, you can easily progress through the Battle Pass and claim rewards for free.

If you want to know more about The Finals, you can visit our FPS Wiki page to get more info about the game. Keep on completing those contracts and I’ll see you on the arena.




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