Mammorest Boss Fight Guide

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Mammorest Boss Fight Guide

All of Palworld is a realm teeming with diverse creatures and enchanting biomes awaiting your exploration. As you traverse the archipelago, you’ll inevitably encounter Pals that tower above the rest in both size and strength. Among these formidable beings lies the awe-inspiring Mammorest, a creature of immense power and significance within the game. While confronting the Mammorest may seem daunting at first, mastering this challenge will reward you with a potent ally in your quest. Join us as we delve into the comprehensive guide to facing the Mammorest and emerging victorious.

Mammorest Boss Fight Guide

Where To Find The Mammorest

Venturing near the original spawn point in Palworld, adventurers will encounter the Mammorest, standing as a sentinel of strength and power. Located just down the hill by the shore, this massive beast roams its territory with authority. However, caution is advised, as provoking the Mammorest can lead to a fierce confrontation.

Mammorest Location

How To Beat The Mammorest

Strategies for Victory

Players can opt to train other pals and enhance their strength and resilience. Additionally, capturing and leveling up smaller bosses can bolster your arsenal, providing Pals capable of withstanding the Mammorest’s onslaught.

Capturing Bosses

Armed and Prepared

Crafting a fire bow/crossbow and fire arrows proves invaluable in the battle against the Mammorest. Although demanding in resources, these fiery projectiles are essential for penetrating the thick hide of the Mammorest and inflicting substantial damage.

Fire Bow/Crossbow

Patience and Persistence

Engaging the Mammorest in combat demands patience, practice, and a strategic approach. By maintaining a safe distance and deploying your strongest Pals, you can gradually chip away at the Mammorest’s formidable health pool.

Jetragon vs. Mammorest

Capturing  Mammorest

As the Mammorest’s health dwindles below 10%, adventurers have the opportunity to capture this mighty beast. Employing several Giga Spheres increases your chances of success, though the endeavor remains challenging.

Capturing Mammorest

Mammorest’s Attributes and Abilities

Element Type

The Mammorest belongs to the Grass element category, influencing its strengths and weaknesses in battle.

Mammorest Element

Work Suitability

The Mammorest is equipped with the following Working Sustainability:

  • Planting: Planting Lv. 2
  • Lumbering: Lumbering Lv. 2
  • Mining: Mining Lv. 2

Which proves that Mammorests are valuable in various tasks within Palworld.

Mammorest Work Suitability

Partner Skill

Boasting the Gaia Crusher skill, the Mammorest can be ridden, enhancing efficiency in resource gathering activities like cutting trees and mining ores.

Mammorest Partner Skill

Possible Drops

Whether you emerge victorious or capture the Mammorest Alpha Boss Version, bountiful rewards awaits, such are the following:

  • Ancient Civilization Parts
  • High Quality Pal Oil
  • Leather
  • Precious Pelt
Mammorest Partner Skill

Weaknesses and Strategies

The Mammorest, belonging to the Grass-type Pals, harbors a vulnerability to fire. To effectively combat this colossal creature, adventurers must harness the power of Fire element Pals.

Mammorest Weakness

Combat Abilities

The Mammorest possesses a variety of formidable combat abilities that players need to be aware of when engaging in a battle with this powerful creature. Here are its abilities:

Move Type Power CT
Seed Machine Gun Grass Type 50 9
Sand Blast Ground Type 40 4
Power Bomb Neutral Type 70 15
Grass Tornado Grass Type 80 18
Spine Vine Grass Type 95 25
Earth Impact Ground Type 100 30
Mammorest Combat Abilities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I locate the Mammorest in Palworld?
A: The Mammorest can be found near the original spawn point, down the hill by the shore, in Palworld.

Q: What are the weaknesses of the Mammorest?
A: The Mammorest is weak to Fire Element Pals due to its Grass-type attribute.

Q: What rewards can I expect from defeating or capturing the Mammorest?
A: Defeating or capturing the Mammorest yields rewards such as Ancient Civilization Parts, High Quality Pal Oil, Leather, and Precious Pelt.

Q: How can I increase my chances of capturing the Mammorest?
A: To capture the Mammorest, adventurers should utilize several Giga Spheres when its health falls below 10%.

Q: Can I ride the Mammorest as a partner Pal?
A: While the Mammorest cannot be ridden, it possesses the Gaia Crusher partner skill, enhancing efficiency in cutting trees and mining ores while mounted on other Pals.

Conquering the Mammorest in Palworld is a daunting yet rewarding endeavor. By understanding its weaknesses, employing strategic tactics, and harnessing the strength of formidable Pals, adventurers can emerge victorious in this epic battle. Whether you aim to defeat or capture it, the choice is yours to make!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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