Where to find Pure Quartz in Palworld

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Palworld, the Pokemon-like game has taken the internet by storm this weekend with over 3 Million Downloads as it is offering players the thrill of capturing Pals to adventure around this Survival game. In this guide we are taking a look at Quartz and where you can get it from.

Quartz is an item used in late-game crafting, mainly Circuit boards, so as you progress into the later stages of Palworld this is a resource you are certainly going to need. We’ve spend quite a bit of time looking around the map and have so far only found Quartz in 1 location.

Where to Find Pure Quartz in Palworld?

Pure Quartz is a resource that can be found in the northern Wintery Biome which is called Astral Mountain. Before you head out to find the Quartz we recommend you take some warm clothing with you so you can sustain health in the cold temperatures. The Tundra outfit will be fine, however, make sure you have some fire with you at night time or you will still freeze to death until you get some later game warm clothing.

What Does a Pure Quartz Node Look Like?

The Pure Quartz nodes have a distinct look with their silver edges and crystal-like surface. They are quite rare so we recommend you have a flying Pal with you so you can scout the area easily.

What can you Craft with Quartz?

You can use Pure Quartz to craft the circuit boards in Palworld, the other material required is Polymer. We advise you to look into building a Production Assembly Line and a Power Generator! Each Circuit board requries x4 pieces of Pure Quartz and Two Pieces of Polymer to craft. As you progress into late game you are going to require quite a lot of Circuit Boards so you may want to think about created a base near some Pure Quartz node spawns and get your Pals to mine it for you.

If you have any questions you’re welcome to come and ask on our Community Discord server and we will have lots of helpful guides on our Palworld Homepage. Palworld is a monster-catching, survival and crafting game, but incorporates a variety of mechanics from other genres in order to provide a completely new experience for everyone.

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