How to Get a Flying Mount in Palworld

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Navigating the Palpagos Islands in Palworld on foot can be tricky and also take some time. As you progress in your adventure you may want to think about faster ways to travel the island so in this short Guide we are going to teach you the best way to get a Flying Mount in Palworld.

Catch a Flying Pal

The first step to getting a Flying Mount in Palworld is catching a flying Pal. There are multiple tyles of flying Pals in the game, some are easier to catch than others. The Nitewing (No.38) is a great starting Flying Pal to catch as they are relatively low level. This of course depends on your starting area. Other great Flying Pals we recommend are Galeclaw (No.47), Vanwyrm (No.71) and Beakon (No.73).

Below is the spawn areas for the Flying Nitewing Pal.

Unlock the Saddle for your Pal

You’re going to need to reach Level 15 with your Character before you can unlock the Nitewings Flying Mounts Saddle. To unlock the Saddle you are going to need Technology Points and to craft the Nitewing Saddle you are going to need x20 Leather, x10 Cloth, x15 Ingot, x20 Fiber, and x20 Paldium Fragment.

Craft the Saddle for your Pal

At level 6 you unlock the Pal Gear Workbench technology, this is the workbench that will allow you to craft the saddle for your Nitewing. Once you have your Pal Gear Workbench in place and you have unlocked your Nitewing Saddle you are ready to craft your first Flying Pal Saddle.

The Items you will need to craft your Nitewing Saddle are:

  • x20 Leather
  • x10 Cloth
  • x15 Ingot
  • x20 Fiber
  • x20 Paldium Fragment

Enjoy your Flying Mount in Palworld

As soon as you’ve crafted your Nitewing Saddle, you are good to go! Bring out your Nitewing Pal and Fold F to ride him. Thats it, are you are not airborne with your Pal.

It is worth noting that you cannot fly forever with your Flying Mount in Palworld as it works of the Stamina of that mount.

If you have any questions you’re welcome to come and ask on our Community Discord server and we will have lots of helpful guides on our Palworld Homepage. Palworld is a monster-catching, survival and crafting game, but incorporates a variety of mechanics from other genres in order to provide a completely new experience for everyone.

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