Breeding in Palworld – Everything You Need to Know

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Want to create and raise a variety of absurd breeds of Pals? Well, then Breeding in Palworld is what you want to play around with. The Breeding Farm can be unlocked once you reach Level 19. It takes up a large area so make sure you have sufficient space when building your base.

How to Start Breeding in Palworld

To get yourself going with Breeding in Palworld, build a Breeding Farm once you hit Level 19. Once it has been built, find yourself 2 Pals, 1 Female, and 1 Male. You can assign them to the Breeding Farm by lifting them up and throwing them into the Breeding Farm. Note that the Pals you choose need to be from your base and not in your Pal Management Inventory.

Once assigned, the Pals will start romancing each other and Love will blossom between them.

After a period of time the egg icon will be full and your Pal couple will be ready to bring their egg into the world. Note though, that you need to make Cake in order for the Pals to actually breed and make an egg. Once the Cake is made you can place it in the Breeding Farm Inventory.

The Cake takes quite a long time to bake so employ your best Kindling Pal to help you to speed up the process. Below are the ingredients for the Cake:

After adding the Cake to the inventory the egg will spawn IF the Pals are not asleep. If it is nighttime, just wait until they wake up and return to the Breeding Farm.

The combinations of Pals you can make are massive with a total of 111 Pals currently in Palworld. Who would of thought that Breeding in Palworld could be so intriguing??

We will update this Guide in the Future with what combinations of Pal’s we’ve managed to find that are possible within Palworld.

Let us know what wild types of Pals you created with your Breeding Farm! If you have any questions you’re welcome to come and ask on our Community Discord server and we will have lots of helpful guides on our Palworld Homepage.

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