SYNCED Patch Notes 1.1.12

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SYNCED is a futuristic free-to-play co-op shooter developed by NExT Studios and published by Level Infinite. You will deploy with your squad or fight alone with your tamed Nano. Venture into the collapsed world for intense PvE and PvP combat.

Patch Notes

Patch Notes for 1.1.12

Below are the latest Patch Notes for SYNCED:

Attention Runners,

Our maintenance is now complete, and you can enter the game once again. Below is a list of fixes and optimizations implemented in this patch:

New Content:

– Limited Guntech Weapon “Long Tom” is now available in the Automat Machine


– The source of the 4 new currencies added in Season 1 is now displayed in the item list

– Optimized the difficulty of Nano Leap-related challenges in Ascension Mode

– Optimized the opening speed of the red door in the fifth level of S1 Dead Sector Mode

– Store content adjustments:

– The exchange limit for Mythical Mods is now 8

– The exchange limit for Legendary Mods is now 32

– Epic Guntech Weapons are now available for exchange with the Frequent Shopper Card

– Guntech Weapons “Fan the Flames” and “Laser Focused” are available for exchange for one week, priced at 30 Frequent Shopper Card, with no purchase quantity limit

– Optimized the display of information on the Automat Machine draw record page

Bug Fixes:

– Resolved technical issues that could lead to crashes in some scenarios

– Fixed some localization issues

– Fixed an issue where the taunt buff would affect friendly summoned Nanos (e.g. spiders from the Widowmaker)

– Fixed some map locations where players or Nanos could get stuck, fall out of the map, or jump out using Nano Leap

Please log out of the game and close/restart your client to ensure the update applies correctly.

The SYNCED team

The above Patch Notes show the dedication the dev team has to the game and we will hopefully see more content and improvements coming in future patches.

You can get SYNCED on Steam or Epic Games Store today to experience the latest Patch Notes!

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