Neo Berlin 2087: A Futuristic Adventure

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Neo Berlin 2087 is a unique, Third- and First-Person Action Role-Playing Game; a deep, cinematic Detective Thriller that takes place in a dark future vision of Berlin. Solve a far-reaching conspiracy on an emotional Cyberpunk Journey about Justice, Friendship, Love, Guilt, Sacrifice, and Betrayal.

Developed by Elysium Game Studios, Neo Berlin 2087 is looking to be the next Cyberpunk style game. Set to come to Steam, the Epic Store, and PlayStation in 2024, it has gamers around the world excited to give the game a go.

Neo Berlin 2087 Gameplay

Key Features of Neo Berlin 2087

  • ​An emotional main story consisting of heart-wrenching moral dilemmas and immersive gameplay investigations. 
  • Unique gameplay built on a blend of 1st and 3rd Person, customize your character’s abilities and weapons for whatever play style you prefer, choose from a vast array of shooter, stealth, and role-playing game mechanics.
  • Inspired by classic cyberpunk movies Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell (1995)
  • Explore a setting that you’ve never seen before: Berlin in the year 2087, a cyberpunk metropolis shielded by massive new Berlin walls from its devastated surroundings, where outcasts gather and malfunctioning machines roam the land.
  • Explore the wasteland full of dangerous enemies, realized with unparalleled realism and immersion.
  • Test your reflexes in exciting combat sequences, or avoid confrontation with a more stealthy approach.

With 2024 set to bring us a range of FPS games, Neo Berlin 2087 has a lot to do to get ahead of the rest.

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